Human Mastery Membership

Human Mastery Membership

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Human Mastery


A community with the simplicity of magic within humans collected in one place, redefining their trajectory and discovering their potency and potential. Together.

What it represents 

/ Learn Together

Shift your entire mindset by upgrading your knowledge, perspectives and learn about yourself, while meeting other intentional humans.

Learn to earn with your mind, not your time by disconnecting the inputs of time, from the outputs of money.

Join a community to co-create and hold a safe space, for each of us to be bold with our choices.

/ Experiment Together

A space for raw, unfiltered energy that gives you enough space to be yourself, experiment and stay open minded and curious.

Design the future of your life and work by exploring different paths and options, while creating focus and progress. Together.

/ Evolve Together

Alongside other mission driven, intentional humans, create energy and inertia. Hone your value, explore your potency, transform yourself beyond your past trajectory and embody the life you aspire to live.

Read the Mastery Manifesto

What's inside?

/ Community Experiences

  • Masterclasses

  • Learning Experiences

  • Learning groups & sessions

  • Interactive conversation circles

  • Expand your circle of intentional humans through designed serendipity

/ Peer Mentorship & Connections

  • A collection of the most intentional, diverse, interesting and open humans you’ve come across
  • Focused individual and group experiments

  • Personal and group challenges

  • Peer to Peer mentoring

/ Momentum

  • Accountability groups and collaborations

  • Build & learn in public

  • Bootcamps

  • Programmes

/ Mastery Library

  • Access to continually evolving curated content

  • Exclusive tools and resources

Are you in tune?

  • Intentional Humans who know there is a space to belong and be themselves, they just haven’t found it yet

  • Humans who have begun their journey of awareness and facing reality (whatever that may be)

  • Humans who have more to give than what they are currently doing

  • Professionals who feel they are stuck in their current work cycle

  • Purposeful remote professionals and entrepreneurs focusing on earning with their mind, not their time

  • Intentional early stage career professionals who want to expand their portfolio, connections and possibilities

  • Creators who find it difficult to establish the right level of skill and knowledge to help them with their project

  • Life-long learners who want to be part of a global community of humans relentlessly learning and evolving themselves

  • Makers who would like to know more than enough to be dangerous when creating their project or idea

  • Leaders who wish to explore alternative approaches and ways of helping those you lead and guide

Whether you're building tools to help other humans get more out of their time in this world, creating out of passion and want to turn that into something people can buy, or you have an insatiable curiosity for knowledge and learning to upgrade yourself by seeking reality and truth in all facets of life. Human Mastery is a safe space for you to be you, to experiment and be bold with your choices.

Join our world

Human Mastery is a 12-month-long curated membership program that connects you with fellow dynamic, forward-thinking and diverse humans from across the globe throughout the year.

To become a mastermind and join other intentional humans, please purchase your membership and we will personally integrate you shortly after launch.

Annual Fee: £99 inc VAT

Lifetime Membership: £695 inc VAT